Let It Snow!

December 13, 2010

Chicago is known as the “Windy City”.  It should also be known as the “Snowy City” and “Bitterly Cold City”.  Whatever the circumstances, it wouldn’t slow down Tom Brady and the New England Patriots offense (and defense).  I woke up Sunday morning and saw the video of the conditions at Soldier Field and immediately got giddy.  TOM BRADY DOMINATES IN THE SNOW.  Last time he played in the snow, he beat the Titans in Foxboro 59-0, throwing six total touchdown passes, five of which came in the second quarter.  You can’t bet against him and The Genius in these conditions. 

The snow plays into the hands of the offense, no matter what.  The receivers and offense line know where their going, forcing defensive backs to react and hindering the pass rush of line backers and defensive linemen.  The Pats offense did stall at times in the second half, leading to field goals.  The Lawfirm also shredded the Bears defense.  There was nothing not to like about the Patriots performance Sunday, or the past few weeks in general.  They appear unstoppable. 

Next up: The Green Bay Packers.  In my opinion, the only chance the Packers have is Aaron Rodgers is able to play in Foxboro.  But we know how the protective the league is with its players regarding concussions.  I would expect to see Matt Flynn under center, who did not play terrible, just not well enough to win. 

And the Pats clinched a playoff spot.  Pats fans can only hope to win two of the final three and clinch home field throughout the playoffs, a major advantage, as they play better than anybody else at home.


I’m Unemployed. I Have Run Out Of Excuses.

December 8, 2010

Before we begin, I am going to readily admit that I am terrible at updating regularly.  My entries are Joe DiMaggio streaky.  (Did he really just use a Yankee reference?)  Thanksgiving Eve Day was my last day of regular work at the golf course for the season.  Since then I have been looking for a steady job (as I was before) and have finding about as much success as Ryan Leaf.  But now I am going to try and stay more up-to-date.  Who the hell knows, maybe I’ll even come across as a little more professional, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I was in Phoenix this past weekend watching my little brother’s soccer showcase.  Tons of big name programs and even saw the Siena coach write down notes under his picture.  Okay, I’m done talking about the showcase because it will only lead to you realizing how much more promise he has as a player than I did.  My long-time friend, we’ll call him Dikembe, like Mutombo, was driving cross country to his post in California at the same time and decided to stop and stay with me in Phoenix. 

Phoenix, by the way, is a pretty unique place.  You’re in a valley so the vast majority of the roads are all level with each other and the metropolis works as a grid system.  In the distance though, no matter the direction you look, you’ll see treeless mountains.  Very cool.  And it was between 70 and 80 degrees so that was splendid.  Unfortunately, I was unable to catch a rattlesnake. 

Dikembe and I got to talking about the NFL.  As you may or may not know, the Patriots can clinch a spot in the playoffs with a victory against the Bears this Sunday.  That would guarantee them an 11-5 record.  I mentiond to Dikembe that in 2008, the New England Patriots finished 11-5 and missed the playoffs.  The Chargers won the AFC West by going 8-8 that season.  He made some outrageous statement that the Cowboys also had the right to be mad because they finished with a better record.  I stopped. 

I began to make my argument: “The Cowboys should have no beef because they aren’t in the same conference.  You can’t take and NFC team and say they should have gotten and AFC’s playoff spot.  There simply is no case for it.”

Dikembe replied, “This is the same argument you have with the Patriots.  They aren’t in the Chargers’ division so it wouldn’t make sense to give them a playoff spot either.”

“Actually, it would,” I answered.  “Why not give the spot to a more deserving team in the conference.”

This went on, back and forth, for a while longer until we got sick of it.  (Side note: my argument makes a ton more sense.)  There is a situation unfolding in the NFL right now where the NFC West will have a team finish 8-8 and probably win the division.  Hell, the division winner could quite possibly even finish 7-9!  Unheard of!  If the team finishes .500, I have no problem with them making the playoffs.  I saw the Pats get screwed by an 8-8 team so I’m not worried if it happens to a team like the Packers, Bears, Saints, Giants or Eagles.  If a division winner does finish under .500, however, the team should not be granted their playoff spot.  Roger Goodell should envoke a rule right now, in the middle of the season (because he loves doing that anyway), saying that any team that finishes in first in a division with a record below .500 must give up their spot to the team with the best record that would be ruled out of the playoffs if the sub-.500 team were to be given a spot.  The sole purpose of the NFL playoffs is to give the best teams a chance at the Vince Lombardi trophy.  By granting a 7-9 team a spot and taking it away from an 11-5, 10-6 or even 9-7 team, you are not giving the most deserving teams a chance.

One side note.  The team allowed entry over the sub-.500 team must be within the same conference.

Suck on that, Dikembe.

Don't you wag your finger at me...

How I Dominated My First Fantasy Football Draft of 2010

August 30, 2010

It doesn’t take a genius to draft a fantasy football team.  Take my friend, Tim, for example.  What does he know about who’s good and who’s not?  What does he know about which player’s offensive gameplan will get him the most number of touches thus leading to more points.  Nothing.  Sorry, Tim.  You just don’t.  The kid doesn’t even show up for live drafts.  He preranks players based upon limited knowledge and let’s the draft do the work for him.   One reason he’s successful is because he doesn’t care about the big name players.  Names mean nothing in fantasy.  To win, you need to determine how points are calculated and draft accordingly. 

In my draft last night, a new scoring system I had never used before was implemented and helped me make many decisions on who I should take.  Quarterbacks will get one point for every four completions, backs will get one point for every 5 rushing attempts, and receivers will get one point for every two receptions.  Let it be known that this is a 12-person Yahoo! fantasy league and that I had the seventh overall pick (a pick I hate but managed to work around thanks to others drafting with their heads up their asses). 

In Yahoo!, having the #7 pick had me targeting WR Andre Johnson or rookie RB Ryan Matthews of the Chargers.  Matthews would have been a risky decision as he is just a rookie, but I like what I’ve seen from him this preseason.  Of course everybody knows what Johnson brings to the table.  Thankfully, the person in front of me (who had to have been pretty drunk) took Drew Brees sixth overall.  Brees is a great fantasy QB, don’t get me wrong.  But in my opinion he is not the sixth best player in the draft.  Regardless, this left Frank Gore on the board.  Ten times out of ten I am taking him seventh overall if he’s still available.  In only 14 games last season, he still had 229 rushes and 52 receptions.  The 49ers offense runs straight through him. 

I ended up taking another Niner, Vernon Davis, with my fourth round pick.  Normally I like to wait on tight ends, but in this case, Dallas Clark and Antonio Gates had already been scooped up so I felt obligated to make a move to grab an elite pass-catching tight end.  This is how fantasy works.  Are people going to take players in the order that makes sense?  Never.  I won’t even begin to tell you about the person who took a kicker with four round left last night.  This doesn’t make sense because the top 10 kickers and defenses don’t vary all that much from one another.  Anyway, you have to learn to adapt to your draft and those who have no clue how to draft.  It’s like playing online poker.  People don’t know what the fuck they’re doing.  They raise randomly because it’s fun.

Back to football.  I found I needed an elite wide receiver, getting that need in the second round with Brandon Marshall.  Chad Henne is vastly improved and I don’t think Marshall will slow down any time soon.  As for the other rounds of my draft, I’ll list them as follows:

  • Round 1 (7)    RB Frank Gore (SF)
  • Round 2 (18) WR Brandon Marshall (MIA)
  • Round 3 (31)  RB Ronnie Brown (MIA)
  • Round 4 (42) TE Vernon Davis (SF)
  • Round 5 (55) WR Wes Welker (NE)
  • Round 6 (66) RB Reggie Bush (NO)
  • Round 7 (79) WR Terrell Owens (CIN) — I feel like Owens should get much more production this year than last’s in Buffalo.  He has a better QB and another number one WR in Chad Ochocinco on the other side, freeing up more opportunities for Owens.
  • Round 8 (90) QB Carson Palmer (CIN) — The elite quarterbacks had all been drafted.  To be perfectly honest, I was targeting Kevin Kolb or Joe Flacco near round four but both were taken.  This allowed me to wait and debate on taking Carson Palmer or Matt Ryan in this spot.  I do have a man-crush on Matty Ice, but my instincts told me to go with Palmer who has an added weapon in Owens.  Plus, I always like pairing up my QB with a receiver on my roster.
  • Round 9 (103) RB Darren Sproles (SD) — Not a bad back-up RB who will run, catch passes, and return kicks.
  • Round 10 (114) QB Eli Manning (NYG) — Anddddd just in case Palmer doesn’t work out, I took a player who I would much rather see fall apart than succeed, Eli Manning.  As a back-up I feel it’s somebody I can rely upon as he threw for over 4,000 yards last year.
  • Round 11 (127) DEF San Diego — Defenses had already started going.  Philadelphia, Green Bay, Minnesota and the Jets were gone.  Like I said earlier, there isn’t a huge discrepancy in defenses so I’m fine taking a consistent Chargers Defense.
  • Round 12 (138) WR Jacoby Jones (HOU) — Having Andre Johnson on his team will help free him up more.  He’s a reach but in a 12-team league you’re able to do this in later rounds.  Odds are he probably won’t factor in to any of my games this year. 
  • Round 13 (151) K Kris Brown (HOU) — Look, kickers don’t really matter.  A lot had been taken already.  I already dropped Brown to kick up somebody I have a little more faith in, but who I hate with all my heart: the Roger Clemens/Johnny Damon of my football world, Adam Vinatieri.  I will always take a dome kicker.
  • Round 14 (162) TE Rob Gronkowski (NE) — With the last pick in any draft, take a chance.  Take somebody who has great potential that nobody might no about.  I watch a lot of preseason and this kid, even after missing a year with an injury, looks very solid.  I won’t mind having him fill in during Vernon’s Bye week.

That about does it for my first fantasy football team of 2010.  I have another one tonight and will probably take the cake here too.  Don’t try and get cute, just make the best pick available.  Don’t look for sleepers.  Take those with guaranteed touches.

“I Got BINGO!” — Troy “My Boy” Brown

July 18, 2010

My first Patriot wide receiver hero was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame yesterday.  Nobody played the position with as much heart or balls for this team during his 15-year career in New England.  He has contributed many memorable moments to the Patriots and was a key player in their championships.  The man was not the fastest, biggest or strongest.  But he damn well may have been the smartest.  The man is Troy Brown. 

A highlight real could have been made out of his whole career.  What didn’t the guy do?  He played wide receiver, punt and kick returned, lined up as a nickleback late in his career, and in a preseason game once even lined up under center at QB.  The guy could do it all.  He blocked a field goal in the AFC Championship against the Steelers in 2001 that was returned for a touchdown, propelling the Pats to their third ever Super Bowl.  In another playoff game against the Chargers, Brady tossed an interception which appeared to be the proverbial nail in the coffin on New England’s season.  That was until Troy “My Boy” Brown came flying in during the same play, demonstrated his defensive skills, and stripped the ball away leading to a Pats’ recovery, first down and ultimately the win. 

Brown enters the College Football Hall of Fame as a member of the Marshall Thundering Herd.  As he enters, I believe he won’t be the only Pats receiver from Marshall that will be inducted.  I fully expect Randy Moss to join him at some point.  Congratulations to you, Troy Brown. You deserve it!

Back On My Grind!

July 15, 2010

My three-month layoff is over.  I have decided to reattempt to dominate the blogosphere.  A lot has happened since I’ve been gone.  The Bruins did what a realistic fan only could have expected and the Celtics crushed my soul.  The Red Sox roster suddenly became the PawSox roster.  By the way, I was at Daniel Nava’s debut.  You know, the game where he hit a grand slam on the first pitch he ever saw in the majors?  I have a new baseball man-crush.  Not nearly on the level with Jason Heyward, but still up there.  Best dollar the Red Sox ever spent! 

Writing this early in the morning probably isn’t good for me or my readers.  I find myself very cranky, especially when the people at Dunkin’ Donuts don’t know how to toast a bagel properly.  Then again, I guess that’s why they’re working at Dunkin’ Donuts. 

Recapping the Bruins, they literally crapped themselves in the playoffs.  Since then, they have traded away Dennis Wideman, acquired offensive threat Nathan Horton (Who has never scored under 20 goals in a season) and drafted young stud Tyler Seguin (sick first name if you ask me).  I look for them to have a much improved 2010-2011 season.  Stanley Cup-bound?  Not yet.  They need to get some time in together but they certainly can’t be counted out. 

The Celtics are still undefeated the past three years whens healthy in the playoffs.  Let’s set that straight.  Not having Perkins for the final two game hurt them bad.  Oh and having Ray Allen for only one of the seven.. But the C’s have resigned Pierce and Allen and given Jermaine O’Neal a two-year contract while saying goodbye to ‘Sheed and Tony “You-have-a-better-chance-at-picking-a-number-right-in-roulette-than-my-shot-going-in” Allen.  When I first saw the C’s signed O’Neal, I wanted to barf.  But after reading about his confidence and that he is now 100% healthy, I think he could be a good role player for this team.  All this even though David Stern allowed for the Miami Heat to ruin basketball.  The game is now pointless.  Way to go.  Your league is a fucking circus.

The Red Sox are still hanging around despite injuries this season to Ellsbury, Pedroia, Beckett, Buccholz, V-Mart, Tek, Beltre, Lowell, Cameron, Drew and basically anybody who has ever started for them this season.  David Ortiz showed he still has power in Monday’s homerun derby.  For the record, he was still sitting on fastball with every toss.  Luckily, him sitting on the equivalent of a 90 mph hour fastball means he’ll be right on time with a 60 mph batting practice pitch.

And now the Patriots.  Welker is looking good and may actually be ready to go within the first couple weeks of the season.  Yesterday on WEEI, Terrell Owens said he’s definately open to playing for the Patriots.  Before everybody dismisses him completely, I actually think it would be a great pick-up.  Think about it.  Moss lined up wide right.  Owens lined up wide left.  That’s already making you shit your pants.  Throw in Welker in the slot left and Edelman in the slot right and you’ve got perfect symmetry and one hell of a pssing attack.  And don’t forget, if you feel like going five-wide, you always have Torry Holt, who though old, would definitely become the best fifth wide receiver in the league.  But what about Owens’ attitude problem.  You really think The Genius and Tom Brady couldn’t keep him in line?  Brady isn’t a rookie and he isn’t afraid to get in the faces of his teammates like Donovan McNabb.  If you’re being a bitch, he’ll come after you, get in your face, and tell you to play better.  And you will.  Why?  Because this is how you win and build your legacy.

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

Get Off My Back

April 15, 2010
Okay, I’m sorry.  I know.  I know.  Pretty sure I haven’t posted in nearly two months.  Much has been happening with learning about golf courses and 21st century slavery and professors deciding that since I’m a senior, now is the best time to be the biggest pricks they can be and shove copious amount of work in my face.  Not to mention that the Boston teams haven’t been my favorite thing to write about lately.  The Celtics suck almonds and ‘Sheed has even started realizing the only way he can score is if it’s against his own team.  The Bruins made the playoffs though and their first game is tonight against the Sabres and stud goalie, Ryan Miller.  Now, I know it’s not the number one seed like last year, but at least they made it when in January it was very possible they could have played themselves out of the playoff race.  Baseball season has started!  Sox look neither good nor bad.  Lester seems to be having issues.  Lackey has looks like the best number 3 in baseball.  I want to challenge Papi to a slow-pitch softball homerun derby.  I figure we’ll stick with slow pitch because his bat speed is so incredibly slow it might actually give him a change to make contact.  Oh, and Dustin Pedroia has been doing some HEAVY LIFTING!  NFL Draft is in just one week and the Pats have 4 picks in the first two rounds.

Pedroia in his homerun trot

On top of this little rant, I have a 15-20 page Sociology of Sports paper.  The paper needs to analyze any sports movie using the five major social institutions: Family, Religion, Education, Economic System, Political System.  I chose the movie “Major League,” because if I’m going to be working on a paper of this magnitude, it needs to be one I can watch over and over again.  If you have any ideas on how to expand my paper to the appropriate length, please let me know.  I’m currently just beginning my 12th page.  Thanks a lot.

Red, White And Blue

February 27, 2010

Certainly we thought the USA would knock off Finland on the way to the gold medal game, but who would have thought they would have romped the Fins 6-1, scoring 5 goals in the first 10 minutes of play.  Kane and Parise have been big the past two games and now the US will take on Canada tomorrow in a rematch of last Sunday’s game.  All six goals came in the first period and it appeared as though the US started taking it easy, perhaps aware that they should save some offensive firepower for the predicted matchup with the hosers.  It’ll be tough to beat the first game between these two, and beating a team twice in one tournament is a very difficult accomplishment.  As long as Ryan Miller is in net, USA stands a pretty good chance.  I don’t recommend getting out-shot in the same percentage they were in the first bout, however.  Let’s go USA!

And then there’s the Patriots.  They need to start making some offseason moves.  They franchised Wilfork.  At first glance I wasn’t too fond of this because it could only piss him off and he’d be gone after next year, right?  Apparently not.  This is just going to give both sides more time to work on a long-term deal.  And it’s not like he isn’t making any money this year, as his salary will be over $7 million.  The Patriots are also going to need to address their woes at wide receiver and running back.  Anquan Boldin  and Brandon Marshall  are both on the trading block.  I believe New England should offer up their 2011 first round pick (not the one acquired from the Raiders for Richard Seymour who was just franchised… SUCKER!) but their own pick and possibly a fifth rounder for one of these two receivers.  Also, Darren Sproles  is a free agent.  I feel he would help the running and return games tremendously.  Why not grab him?  He’s small and can hide behind the like and will his quickness can break through holes without being seen until it’s too late.  The offseason is young, but I’m excited to see what it brings!

So That’s What Hockey Looks Like…

February 21, 2010

The NHL never carries that type of intensity.  If it does, only in the playoffs.  USA’s 5-3 win over Canada in these Winter Olympics was everything a hockey fan (and even those who aren’t) could have asked for and more!  Right from the get go the United States went up 1-0.  One of my least favorite players in the game, Eric Staal, tied it up 1-1.  USA was up 2-1 at the end of the first despite being out-shot 18-6.  The crowd for both sides was going nuts, especially during the time the game was tied 2-2.  USA was up 4-2 with less than four minutes to play when Canada scored a power play goal on a pass slid into the crease from Rick Nash to Crosby.  Even after, it still appeared as though Canada was on the power play.  USA skaters seemed very tired.  Eventually Marty Brodeur was pulled and Kesler made probably the best empty-net goal I’ve ever seen in my life, though a very ballsy play at the time due to the risk of getting called for a tripping penalty. 

Either way, this game had me on the edge of my seat!  Certainly when the Bruins make the playoffs I get excited, but I was just as pumped up for this game as I was for any of their playoff games.  Going into this break the Bruins were playing pretty well.  But it’s still not even close to being on par with a game of this magnitude — USA versus Canada.  These are two NHL All-Star teams going at it, except this time it counts!  What a game for the world to see!

(Just as a side note, Jack Edwards would actually be the best choice for Team USA play-by-play.)

Golf Clap

February 19, 2010

Well done, Mr. Woods.  You did everything you needed to do.  He spoke about the car-crash incident.  He also admitted to his mistakes with regards to his affairs.  He said he felt he was above every other person, which of course, he is not.  Ultimately, Tiger said what needed to be said and should have been said.  What he did should not be condoned in any way, shape or form, but Tiger said everything anybody could have asked for.  He did not take questions, but I feel that he gave enough details about what happened, and what he sill plans on doing, that questions were not necessary.  Like he said, he still has a way to go before he can reach where he once was (if that’s even possible).  But for one thing, this is a step in the right direction. 

One thing Tiger addressed that was important is about the paparazzi following around his wife and young children.  This is one thing I can whole-heartedly agree with.  Tiger is the person at fault here.  Not his wife.  Most certainly not his children.  Back off, give his family their privacy as they try to move through this tough time.  To the paparazzi, you know where Tiger will be now — back in rehab.  You don’t need to follow around his wife and kids.

Dunk Contest 2010

February 13, 2010

Tonight in Dallas, Nate Robinson, Gerald Wallace, Shannon Brown and DeMar DeRozan will take to the sky in the 2010 Spring Slam Dunk Contest.  Nobody really gives a shit about who wins anymore, or who is even competing.  The big names simply refuse to throw down, lowering the overall value.  By entering the dunk contest, they can’t hurt their popularity, only help it.  LeBron James said he would do it this year and backed out.  Classy, LeBron.  I hate Kobe and normally would knock him for not being involved, but he is hurt so he gets a pass. Dwight Howard did enter the past couple of years, but seeing a 7-footer dunk isn’t all that impressive.  Truth is, there hasn’t be a great dunk contest since the NBA reinstated the aerial show after a two-year layoff in 2000.  That contest saw eventual winner Vince Carter take on Tracy “Remember When I Could Play” McGrady and Steve “Is He Still Alive?” Francis.

At least I was able to see a Celtic take the crown.  In 2007 Gerald Green shocked the world and took home the title.  Where is he now?  Playing is Russia.  Hell of a career, Gerald!  But man, could the kid throw down…